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Sava Cargo C3 trailer tyre for loaders

When Sava Cargo C3 is trailer tyre for loaders. In developing the Slovenian manufacturer has taken into consideration the specific needs in this area. So having truck tyres boast a long service life and low tread wear. Cargo translated into German "cargo". This tyre meets exactly the requirements that are required for the transport of goods over short and long distances.

The Sava Cargo C3 with low heat generation

The Sava Cargo C3 scores with a low heat, the positive effect on the durability of the tyre. The profile and the rubber compound is ideal to transport heavy loads. The excellent stability ensures easy handling of the trailer promises a comfortable ride. In the profile structure drawn grooves were long integrated that the special tyres protect from external damages. The carcass (different tissue layers) provides the optimal prerequisite to improve the durability in addition. Furthermore, the Sava Cargo C3 produces a low noise level, which should be noted when driving hard.

Sava and innovative solutions

The self-damping properties are excellent. They enable a quiet and comfortable ride. Sava is an established and reliable suppliers, especially in the truck tyre sector. Many reviews confirm the great work using unique technologies. Even the Sava Cargo C3 convinces by a good workmanship and has over its nearest rivals have good values. Sava offers innovative solutions a good alternative to prominent manufacturers such as Michelin .

The trailer tyre Sava Cargo C3 impresses due to its durability and long life. A low heat additionally supports the mileage of the truck tyre. The Sava Cargo C3 has good features, which promotes the economic aspect of a transport company. Ideal for a trailer, which is used over long distances.

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