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Runway Enduro 726 - comfortable summer tyres

Summer tyres are driven in from spring to autumn. In Europe this means that the tyres have to deal with a variety of different weather conditions. The Runway Enduro 726 is rising to this challenge. By tread design and tread compound it not only offers sufficient safety in wet and dry conditions, but also a high level of comfort.

Summer tyre for city cars and family cars

The Runway Enduro 726 belongs to the large family of enduro Runway Group, which has its headquarters in Singapore. The tyre series includes comfortable passenger tyres , tyres with extremely long mileage and ultra high performance tyre for demanding high-end vehicles. The Runway Enduro 726 is a very comfortable summer tyres for cars, compact cars and mid-size vehicles. With its various dimensions, it is suitable both for the city car as well as the family car. Admitted he is for speed classes S, T and H, so may a maximum speed of 180 km/h 190 km/h and 210 km/h driven.

Safe grip in the wet

The profile of Runway Enduro 726 is made asymmetrical and has three circumferential grooves. These ensure safe driving stability and conduct beyond water from the road surface. The Runway Enduro 726 can therefore fallen by good aquaplaning characteristics. Even on wet roads to keep the tyres a secure grip and come short braking distances to a halt. The outer tyre shoulders are kept extremely wide; characterized in curves wins the Runway Enduro 726 more stability. Its smoothness, the low noise while driving and its longevity continue to contribute to ride comfort.

The Enduro 726 by the manufacturer Runway from Singapore is a convenient alternative to the other summer tyres. Its price-performance ratio is convincing. Due to its durability, the tyre is also very economical.

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