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Riken Snowtime - a reliable companion for the winter

The Riken Snowtime has long been one of the top sellers of the famous tyre manufacturer. No wonder this model has, like the other high-quality winter tyres numerous good features that provide completely safe drive.

Excellent handling and high rolling resistance

The Riken Snowtime has rectilinear longitudinal grooves, which makes for excellent handling even at high speeds. Moreover, this model made by Riken a very good tracking. The wide lateral grooves of Riken winter tyre contribute to a fully secure driving experience: Thanks to this tread the wet and aquaplaning performance could be significantly improved once again. We should also mention the quality silica compound, which optimizes traction values ​​even in snow and ice again. Furthermore, the Riken Snowtime to a high rolling resistance, so that ensure the full safety and driving stability in all cases.

Riken - a wide range for a small price

Million customers around the world appreciate the well-known tyre manufacturer for its high-quality tyres that are suitable for use both in the summer and for winter use in the highest degree. Thanks to this huge demand, the manufacturer was able to expand its range considerably and now is not only for automobiles find a suitable Riken-Pneu. In addition to tyres for motorcycles , there are convincing example quality models for the van and for the truck, also thanks to their high quality and the many good properties in all respects.

The Riken Snowtime has rightly a very good reputation: Because with its elaborate Tread he can produce outstanding handling and high levels of traction even on snow and ice. Furthermore, to make the high rolling resistance, through which the Riken Snowtime has, every car journey an unforgettable experience.


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