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Pirelli TH25 - reliably and securely even on longer journeys

The Pirelli TH25 is a reliable and stable truck tyres , whose good mileage does not decrease even over long distances and at high loads.

Excellent stability and good comfort

The Pirelli TH25 is also regional and mainline services at its best. No wonder this may Pirelli tyres but with a sophisticated tread depth be come up, which is characterized by a central zigzag line as well as by robust lateral blocks. Thanks to this continuous central design excellent stability in all operations is guaranteed. Moreover, the Pirelli TH25 is characterized by a very uniform wear and a good comfort, what the driving pleasure increases considerably again. The deep transverse grooves of Pirelli TH25 also ensure excellent traction even in critical conditions and on wet surface. Equally noteworthy is the special tread compound of this model from the house of Pirelli, which is characterized by a high resistance to injury.

Pirelli - a successful company from Italy

The tyre manufacturer Pirelli develops and manufactures in Milan, Italy quality and innovative models that can convince at all times and in all respects. This is thanks to the intensive research and development work, so a convincing performance can be ensured. In addition, the wide range of different Pirelli tyres , which now includes alongside models for cars and trucks tyres for motorcycles and a whole range of special vehicles. Thus it is easy to find a suitable tyre conforming to the personal wishes and needs precisely.

The Pirelli TH25 proves to be a reliable and robust tyres for trucks, which can be used over long distances perfectly. At any time, this model of the Italian tyre manufacturer shows a good performance, which is reflected not only a high resistance to injury in a high stability and a better comfort.

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