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Pirelli FW01

With modern structure and the use of completely new components convinced the Pirelli FW01 with improved steering precision. It is suitable for use on the steering axle, but can also be used on the remaining axles of the truck or van. The Pirelli FW01 is absolutely suitable for winter and therefore has the marking M + S. The EU label proves all the safety and quality standards.

All-season tyres for trucks, vans and buses

The FW01 is a completely new Pirelli front tyre, which is suitable for use with various commercial vehicles. The safe driving with the Pirelli FW01 is not only limited to the summer season. It has an innovative tread traction and grip promises even in wintry roads. So that the FW01 is one of the most versatile Pirelli truck tyres with a wide range of applications throughout the year. Its newly developed tread consists of several layers that provide for increased braking performance and stability. Simultaneously, the Pirelli FW01 supports the suspension of the vehicle, so comfort is assured even on rough roads.

Good handling and high acoustic comfort

The innovative design and the profile structure provide primarily for a direct steering. Drivers will notice especially at elevated speeds on the highway, that they can control the truck or van much easier. Thanks to the increased acoustic comfort the Pirelli FW01 is even better suited for use by bus. Special tread blocks prevent excessive noise and reduce in this way the noise in the bus cabin. The shoulder contour of the tyre leads to optimal pressure distribution, resulting in a uniform drive facilitates and increases the mileage. all season tyres truck also offers the American manufacturer Goodyear.

The Pirelli FW01 promises excellent driving by bus, truck or van throughout the year. Its innovative tread design offers precise handling. The new profile structure significantly reduces noise and increases the comfort in the cabin. Safety and comfort can enjoy car drivers. For them, the Italian tyre brand offers quality Pirelli car tyres .

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