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Pirelli Chrono Four Seasons - a reliable and stable all-season tyres for vans

With Pirelli Chrono Four Seasons you will find a whole year suitable tyre which is perfect for small vans. So, this is characterized all year model by many good handling characteristics that can ensure a very good performance at all times.

Fast drainage and low rolling resistance

Especially on wet and snowy surfaces proves the Pirelli Chrono Four Seasons its strength. This particularly is the sophisticated tread pattern with numerous circumferential grooves and optimized rubber compound of this tyre from Pirelli owe. The numerous sipes provide quick and easy draining of water, so that the risk of aquaplaning to be feared not more. The high winter suitability of this model from the house of Pirelli is proved by the M + S marking. In addition, the low noise of the Pirelli Chrono Four Seasons, what comfort even on longer distances increases considerably again. And that's not all: Pirelli Chrono Four Seasons impresses with its low rolling resistance, so that you can benefit from reduced fuel consumption considerably.

Pirelli - an experienced tyre specialist

Founded back in 1872, even the Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli to the oldest producers in this area. It is therefore hardly surprising that the company has a considerable experience and extensive know-how, which is also in the development and manufacturing of the Pirelli tyres come into play. As a motorist can therefore benefit from a high control and a very good running performance, characteristics that does not subside even in bad weather conditions and rough road.

Pirelli Chrono Four Seasons proves to be a powerful and reliable all-season tyres, which is ideal for small vans. Even in adverse conditions shows these tyres from Pirelli high performance, which is reflected among other things in a high level of comfort and a quick water drainage.

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