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275 60 R20 - for the luxury class off-roader, pickups and SUVs

Many American SUV, pickup or SUV models are equipped with 20-inch wheels and carry the dimension 275 60 R20 tyres as. Some local luxury models are equipped with it. In the tyres for this dimension, there is a wide range of models, which also include some proven classics.

Cooper - the uncrowned king of off-road tyres

When it comes to tyres for large and heavy Allrader, applies Cooperl by many as the undisputed expert in this field - and has been for decades. This applies not only for America - in this country, the tyre with the massive formats and distinctive white marking on most models has a good reputation. The Cooper Discoverer is paid under the off-road tyres as almost legendary. The General Grabber applicable in the United States but also as a pretty good tyre. Among the all-season tyre excels in 275 60 R20 especially the Pirelli Scorpion ATR. All three are pure road tyres. For somewhat coarser inserts - at least on gentle terrain off the paved roads - it is the Cooper Zeon who really can deliver great performance here.

Even longevity can be an important criterion

Especially when it comes to longevity arises in this dimension, 275 60 R20 Michelin Latitude Tour HP as a special rounder forth, but also in terms of driving comfort has Michelin tyres much to offer what the other models partly not quite as good can. Not at all for comfort but for maximum performance in the field of the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor is parked. Wet roads, quiet environments and fuel-saving master are not friends, but probably those who want to get ahead in the field - even under difficult conditions. The Silent Armor is also well suited for rough terrain and rocky terrain and provides maximum traction on all surfaces. He is grobstollig, extremely robust and damage also in the heaviest terrain barely.

For the luxury of off-roaders and especially for many American models among the pickups, SUVs and SUVs, the dimension 275 60 R20 is intended. Here vying especially the already legendary tyre for this vehicle class for the top places, mainly in the street but also in the field.

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