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275 55 R17 - tyres for large and heavy off-road vehicles and SUVs

tyres in the dimension can be found mainly on large and heavy off-road vehicles and SUVs. Most models are designed for pure road use.

Serious off-roaders on the road

The vast majority of off-road vehicles are almost exclusively on the road - it is the Luxkusklasse of SUVs and SUVs. tyres in the dimension 275 55 R17 are therefore mostly summer tyres and winter tyres for the road-only mode. In these vehicles, there is then also much in ride comfort of the tyre in order to travel in accordance comfortable even on longer motorway journeys. Rolling resistance and thus fuel efficiency are these tyres usually a little worse than the average passenger car tyres - due to the higher fuel consumption of heavy vehicles in general plays but usually little role. As for the characteristics in the wet, the SUV and Allraderreifen for road use, however, are equally powerful as car tyres. The Dunlop SP Sport is a good example - he is also an acceptable all-weather tyre that still cuts a fine figure even in wintry road conditions.

Winter tyres versus all-season tyres

Speaking of off-roaders - due to the suspension characteristics and the driving characteristics - mostly true winter tyres to off-all season tyres think usually when heavy wintry road conditions prevail. The 4x4 Winter Contact from Continental still proves on snow and ice but also in winter wetness in 275 55 R17 a bit more efficient than for example, the Dunlop SP Sport as all-season tyres. The Hankook Icebear is a UHP - so ultra high performance - tyre for fast and powerful cars in winter mode, it is authorized for speed class H or V and also provides corresponding power values.

For the big and serious off-roaders and SUVs, which almost exclusively run in road maintenance, the dimension 275 55 R17 is primarily intended. Here are some proven all season models for most road conditions.

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