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Nordexx Comus - an economical and powerful companion for the summer

The Norexx Comus presents itself as a powerful performance tyre which is convincing in terms of economy. With its many good handling characteristics, he must also be in front of the highly acclaimed models of Continental not hide.

Low rolling resistance and rolling noise low

In developing the Nordexx Comus, special attention was given to a high level of comfort even under adverse weather and road conditions. Therefore, displays such a performance tyre made by Nordexx with a low rolling resistance and low rolling noise, which not only allows a very comfortable, but also very economic use on the road. Like other models of Nordexx can Nordexx Comus also score with a very good handling on wet surfaces and on dry asphalt and good traction. In addition, the Nordexx Comus proves particularly economical due to the long service life. Particularly drivers of small and medium vehicles will be able to benefit from the numerous positive driving this Pneus for the summer.

Nordexx - successful due to high claims

The renowned tyre manufacturer Nordexx has long been highly valued thanks to its powerful models. Customers around the world use the Nordexx tyres that draw attention to themselves with many good handling characteristics. Thus benefit every driver of a comprehensive security and a high level of comfort even in adverse weather conditions. This is ensured by extensive testing during manufacturing so that all Nordexx tyres can meet strict US and European safety and quality standards.

By Nordexx Comus the popular tyre manufacturer once again presents a powerful summer tyre which makes talking with many good handling characteristics of your face. Thus the driver is able, among other things of a long life and good traction even benefit on very wet ground and thus a high level of comfort and a comprehensive security.

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