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Nokian WR N0 - highly modern and innovative

The Nokian WR N0 even the most demanding customers will be satisfied to a high degree. This is due to the elaborately designed tread pattern and the convincing overall performance of this model, so that the tyre and the high quality winter tyres from Pirelli in no way inferior.

Easy handling and high fuel efficiency

The Nokian WR N0 convinces in every respect. Equipped with an ultra-modern and asymmetrically designed tread pattern, you can even look forward to the harsh European winter left. Thanks to the strong and laminated outer shoulders can be enjoyed as motorists not only easy handling, the inner shoulders also ensure excellent grip even on icy or slippery roads. In addition, the innovative slush edge ensures this Nokian winter tyre fast and efficient displacement of water and slush, which simultaneously prevents dangerous aquaplaning. In addition, the Nokian WR N0 convinces with its high-quality and environmentally friendly materials: When producing only clean and low-aromatic oils are used, which lead to a good environmental performance as well as a considerable fuel saving. Thanks to the rubber component prepared from silica and rapeseed oil also the rolling resistance is considerably reduced, which increases the fuel efficiency again.

Nokian - the tyre expert from Finland

Scandinavian brands are regarded as recognized experts in the field of tyre manufacturing. No wonder, models are the Nokian WR N0 yet prepared as perfectly suited to the harsh European winter and deliver even under extreme winter conditions, a good performance from. This also applies to the Finnish manufacturer Nokian to which long considered a pioneer in terms of developing new solutions for a safe drive in slush.

The Nokian WR N0 the excellent reputation of the tyre manufacturer from the Finnish Nokia is once again confirmed. This tyre for winter is characterized not only by high fuel efficiency and a comprehensive environmental compatibility, it also excels with its good overall performance even under extreme winter conditions.

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