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Nokian WR A3 - the environmentally friendly and powerful companion

Nokian WR A3 has been specially designed for high-performance cars, which do without, even at higher speeds to precise steering in any way. Also in the environmental friendliness of this white winter tyre Nokian completely convincing.

Nokian WR A3 scores with low fuel consumption

As more winter tyres convinced the Nokian WR A3 with its unrivaled adhesion and excellent handling even at extremely low temperatures. No wonder has this winter tyres but on an asymmetric tread pattern that thus increases due to its special construction, the mud and water repellency and protection against aquaplaning again considerably. This is also being innovative rubber mixture at with which consists of a novel combination of silica, canola oil and natural rubber. This optimizes the winter and wet grip and wear resistance again considerably. Thanks to the semi-circular hollow walls along the longitudinal ridges of Nokian WR A3 is also perfectly cooled by the heat generation is reduced minimally. This also reduces the air resistance and reduces fuel consumption. The Winter Safety display of Nokian WR A3 has again added comfort and safety: Use this profile usage display can be quickly detected, the condition of the tyre is.

Nokian WR A3 comes from Scandinavia

No wonder that the tyre producer Nokian in Scandinavia already enjoys cult status. Thanks to its innovative models and a steady expansion of its range, the Finnish company has already become the largest tyre manufacturer in Northern Europe. founded in 1988, is one of the company with an average annual turnover of 750 million euros to the most profitable manufacturers in the industry. Long since the manufacturer is also represented by numerous sales offices in Europe and in Russia.

The winter tyre Nokian WR A3 makes the name Nokian honor. No wonder, with its elaborate tread, high mileage and low fuel consumption is provided for unlimited driving pleasure in any case.

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