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Nokian NTR 72 - a high performance tyre for long haul

The Nokian NTR 72 may even longer distances and higher loads harm. Both the regional and long-distance transport supplies this truck tyres from a very convincing performance and proves at any time as a powerful and safe companion.

Even wear and low rolling resistance

Nokian NTR 72 can score in many ways: So this offers Nokian with its very good performance even in bad weather, which is particularly due to the intricately designed profile. This is provided with numerous wide and zigzag sipes, so that the Nokian NTR 72 at any time can provide a very good grip and superior traction. Even the comfort comes even on longer journeys at no time too short: For the low rolling resistance and low tyre noise, through which the Nokian NTR 72 also distinguished makes. In terms of economy it is necessary to also make no compromises. This is due to the uniform wear pattern of this tyre made by Nokian, which increases the life again considerably.

Nokian - Finnish tyre expertise

The Scandinavian tyre manufacturers can enjoy a deal so good reputation: They have a long experience with harsh winters and other extreme weather and road conditions. This also applies to the brand Nokian , which can develop and manufacture their high quality models in the Finnish Nokian. All the tyres are characterized by a very good mileage and high performance, is such that guarantees many unforgettable driving experience.

The Nokian NTR 72 one gets a robust truck tyres, which can score in many ways. This is thanks to the sophisticated tread design and the numerous good running properties, which are expressed in addition to a low rolling resistance in a superior traction and a very good grip.

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