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The Nokian I3 from brand tyre manufacturer Nokian from Finland

Nokian is a renowned tyre manufacturer from Finland. Production facilities are located in Finland and Russia. Due to the location of the company is specialized in the production of winter tyres. These have extreme conditions such as those prevailing in northern Europe defy. The required tyre properties also allow secure rides in the rest of Europe, where the winter is mild.

Nokian - A magnificent Manufacturer

The Nokian I3 arises, like other tyre also, the quality tests conducted by renowned magazines and institutions. In these tests, the various features for tyres to be tested. The Nokian I3 cut it generally did very well. So could the end of 2012 in various tests Top rankings are achieved. For example, in "auto motor und sport", "Auto Bild", the "ADAC" and "Stiftung Warentest". Therefore, the company's products hold compare with internationally renowned manufacturers such as Continental , Michelin and Pirelli stand.

The quiet Nokian I3

The tyre Nokian I3 has been tested by several users with good results in all test-relevant areas. Important when buying tyres is the grip itself. The better the tyre, the lower the risk of slipping while driving. The driving characteristics of the car is also improving, as the tyres better respond to the steering, or are able to contribute better to the steering and to compensate the centrifugal forces. The adhesion to the road is also for road safety is very important. It has a direct effect on the braking performance of the car. The braking characteristics on dry roads are very good. Through the polished main profile of the tyre water can be drained as quickly and efficiently. Therefore, stopping distances on wet roads as relatively short. As for the environment Nokian also plays a major role, is always worked to minimize tyre wear and noise.

The Nokian I3 is suitable for summer conditions. Due to high traction and good braking characteristics, a major contribution to road safety will be provided. It is in this model to a summer tyre. He is therefore unsuitable for winter driving.

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