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Nokian Hakka Blue - a high performance tyre with high performance

The Nokian Hakka Blue represents the renowned tyre manufacturer from Finland once again his great skills. This summer tyre proves in all respects as an ideal companion who drives safely and reliably to the desired destination.

Best possible traction and excellent grip

The Nokian Hakka Blue is safe and stable on the road, even in adverse weather and road conditions. No wonder, can this summer tyre Nokian yet come up with a number of significant product innovations that contribute to an unadulterated driving pleasure and optimum performance greatly with. So you can benefit as drivers not only from an excellent grip, but also of a high steering precision and the best possible traction. At the same time the Nokian Hakka Blue scores with its high aquaplaning resistance, which is also due to the sophisticated tread. The newly developed tread compound is a combination of pine oil and Siliziumdoxid and ensures not only an improved wet grip for reduced rolling resistance and therefore a higher fuel efficiency. This is accompanied by a high acoustic comfort and a high abrasion resistance, so this summer tyre is convincing from the house Nokian in every respect.

Nokian Hakka Blue - quality tyres from the far north

Scandinavian tyre manufacturers can enjoy has always been an excellent reputation. This also applies to the company Nokian, which develops its powerful and high-quality models in the Finnish Nokia and manufactures. Customers around the world appreciate the high performance and optimal quality of Nokian tyres , which also repeatedly to draw attention to themselves with major product innovations.

The Nokian Hakka Blue of popular tyre manufacturer from Finland presents again a powerful tyre for the summer, who knows how to convince in all respects. This economical and environmentally friendly Pneu boasts optimum performance, which is reflected among other things in an excellent wet grip and high traction.

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