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Nokian H - the reliable summer tyres for all situations

With its elaborate Tread Nokian H is convincing even in critical situations around. Before premium tyres from Michelin or Continental This model therefore does not need to hide.

Effective protection against aquaplaning Nokian H

The Nokian H long captivate the most discerning customers. No wonder he has but a highly sophisticated profile including a new silica compound that ensures a lower rolling resistance as well as low fuel consumption. Thanks to the asymmetrical inside-outside tread design effectively lowers the risk of aquaplaning and also lowered the handling characteristics. Moreover, this is the summer tyre equipped with transverse grooves on the outside shoulder, which expire shovel-shaped. By this construction injects much less water to the side, which increases traffic again. Also worth mentioning is the excellent wet grip and high stability with which the Nokian H can boast.

Nokian - a Scandinavian traditional company

Nokian has long been one of the best known European tyre manufacturers and is from the Scandinavian everyday hardly indispensable. No wonder the company from the Finnish Nokia, founded in 1988 has become the largest tyre producer in Northern Europe. In addition, the company shows an amazing growth that could be achieved mainly through the selected focusing strategy, especially during the last years. In the end, provides the broad tyre range of Nokian also demanding customers.

The Nokian H the known Finnish manufacturer presents a tyre that knows how to impress with its high quality and reliability even in critical situations. This is ensured by the sophisticated tread pattern which ensures inter alia a high stability and an effective protection against aquaplaning.

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