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Cars come with the Nexen Eurowin 700 through the winter

Best of Nexen Eurowin is 700 used when the as car winter tyres mounted on small and medium-sized vehicles. In addition to a safe, comfortable handling and even in poor weather conditions of Nexen Eurowin shows 700 also stable ride, which he combined with good behavior during braking. By Nexen Eurowin 700 and his admission to the M + S tyre, the street is manageable even in mud, snow and slippery roads.

Nexen Eurowin 700 shows good driveability through stability

For all winter conditions, the Nexen Eurowin 700 is characterized by its exceptional stability. Through an effective drainage of water in the longitudinal and transverse direction, the driving stability of Nexen Eurowin 700 also improves on wet roads. This improves the braking effect and provides increased protection against aquaplaning. In addition, the manufacturer has Nexen block provided with the multi Sipe- and MultiEdge technology at Nexen Eurowin 700 for an exceptionally good cushioning and a more comfortable ride.

With special tread compound and innovative profile for high traction

the grip of the Nexen Eurowin 700 was improved on snow and icy roads on silica by using a mixture for the tread running surface. Also contribute to the construction of the profile and the shoulder with the Multi Sipe and multiblock Edge technology that is not only more comfortable ride, but also more traction brings in cornering. Nexen Eurowin 700 shows with these good handling characteristics not only well equipped for winter operation, but makes his handsome format also an attractive appearance to the vehicle.

Nexen Eurowin 700 is a winter tyre which ensures safe driving in all winter conditions. With good handling and braking properties even when wet snow and ice it provides additional comfort with its noise muffled road noise.


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