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Nankang Sportnex AS 2 Tyre

Nankang is the tyre brand that has been active for a long time. The brand’s primary focus is on selling summer tyres based on strength and durability, and the same goes for tyre Nankang Sportnex AS 2 . It is the best tyre when it comes to performance and cost and is ideally suited for off-road vehicles. However, the tyre suits well with performance vehicles and SUVs as well. It is an all-purpose tyre that meets the exceeding expectations of the consumers who love speed and adventure.

Superior Wet Grip of tyre Nankang Sportnex AS 2

The Nankang AS 2 is all about top-notch manoeuvrability in various road conditions, especially wet ones. The tyre features broad grooves which significantly improves water drainage from the tyre. In addition to that, it has a unique tread pattern which minimises friction and produces a large footprint. The tyre is designed to reduce internal noise and to produce maximum traction.

Improved Braking Performance

As mentioned above, the Nankang Sportnex AS 2 tyre produces a wide footprint which means that it improves the braking system of your vehicle. The company has quality tested the gripping mechanism of this tyre for all road conditions, and it has performed very well.

Improved gripping on the contact means the tyre will be more responsive when you press brakes. You will also be able to manoeuvre it effectively, and it will enhance your overall driving experience. Regardless, of the weather conditions, the Nankang Sportnex AS-2 performs exceptionally well.

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