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Michelin XZA truck

Increased stability is required particularly for larger vehicles such as trucks. Technically perfect tyres like the Michelin XZA allow a perfect curve attitude and better braking performance on dry and wet roads. This tyre allows a comfortable ride during long transport routes.

For security reasons fully laden truck

Michelin is a European tradition brand that has won a big name with quality and safe tyres. Michelin car tyres are one of the most popular tyre models at Tyres.NET. Many vehicle manufacturers prefer Michelin during the initial assembly of their vehicles because of the excellent quality and a good price / performance ratio. The brand also offers tyres for trucks 6-12 tons, such. As the Michelin XZA. With a strong structure and a durable tread the Michelin XZA is ideally suited for long trips on the highway or motorway. Even at higher speeds and large transport loads promises this tyre a smooth ride. He is one of the best truck tyres from Michelin .

Increased safety in long-distance and urban traffic

One of the main characteristics of the Michelin XZA is the increased safety and comfort on the highway and in city traffic. Such excellent properties at different slopes are possible thanks to a unique design of the tread. Depending on the operating temperature of the tyre, the rubber mixture of the Michelin XZA changes its resistance, whereby the handling of the truck will be significantly affected. In the tyre wall special protective strips were now installed, protect the tyre from curb damage. Well protected is also the carcass. She has a Nachschneidemöglichkeit of up to 3 mm. Truck tyres from Continental are a good alternative to Michelin XZA.

The ride on the truck requires a high-quality tyre with exceptional properties. With a Michelin XZA driver achieve a smooth ride and precise handling with vans 6-12 tonnes. This tyre is suitable for use on dry and wet roads, long-distance and urban traffic.

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