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Michelin Compact - a quality summer tyre the French Global Players

The Michelin Compact is the reputation of the French global players even more than justice. With its numerous good runnability he proves to be a reliable summer tyres , who knows how to encounter adverse weather and road conditions confidently.

Optimum fuel efficiency and minimal rolling noise

With a Michelin Compact is the world famous tyre manufacturers from France once again demonstrates his skill. This is reflected particularly in the sophisticated tread pattern which for the high mileage and the many good handling characteristics of this Michelin summer tyre is responsible. Among other things, this tyre stands out for the summer by a good wet performance, which is due to the high percentage of tread. In addition, the Michelin Compact scores with its optimal fuel efficiency, which can be achieved thanks to the low tyre weight. In addition, the minimum external noise, making the already very high level of comfort increases considerably again. The asymmetrically designed profile with its specific tread areas also ensures good handling characteristics both on wet ground as well as on dry roads.

Michelin Compact - a quality tyre that convinces in all respects

Equipped with high performance and high quality materials make the Michelin car tyres again and again talked about. No wonder the tyre manufacturers from France is still known around the world for its quality tyres who know how to convince in all points. This is thanks to also the intensive research and development work, which ensures a continuous optimization and further development of the Michelin tyres. For this reason, it is hardly surprising that the models always land back to the front ranks well in tests.

With a Michelin Compact one purchases a powerful tyre that delivers reliable performance at all times. Thanks to the high fuel efficiency, the minimum road noise and the sophisticated tread pattern you have to give in terms of comfort, security and stability on nothing.

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