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Michelin Alpin A3

The Alpin A3 Michelin is one of the best winter tyres, which are available at Tyres.NET. It is a tyre for all car classes, which provides during the cold season for high security and great driving comfort. The Michelin Alpin A3 allows maximum control of the vehicle even at very low temperatures and weather conditions such as snow or ice.

Michelin Alpin A3: An investment for greater safety in winter

Michelin is a well-known French tyre manufacturer. The company was founded in 1889 in Clermont-Ferrand. The siblings André and Édouard opt for the creation of a tyre factory, as they take on a rubber factory. Shortly afterwards, also arises the so-called Michelin Man, that until today exists as a logo of the brand. It is now a world-renowned symbol of safe and high quality tyres. The tyre production at Michelin's beginning such. B. at Dunlop , mainly limited to bicycle tyres. With the increasing commercialization of passenger cars in Europe, Michelin begins development and production of car tyres. Today Michelin is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers. In assortment of the brand are high quality tyres. One of the best known is certainly the Michelin Alpin A3.

Maximum security at low temperatures, snow and ice

The Michelin Alpin A3 is one of the safest and most popular winter tyres on the market. Numerous tests testify about the high security provided by these tyres. There, the Michelin Alpin A3 showed its best side. In a braking test, the braking distance on ice was 3 m even shorter than was the case with the competition. The Michelin Alpin A3 mobility is even with large snowfalls guaranteed as the tread of the tyre provides good traction on snow and ice. This winter tyre from Michelin has the StabiliGrip technology which enables improved handling thanks to longer studs edges. The Michelin Alpin A3 is exactly how many Goodyear tyres also equipped with modern profiles, which provide for a lower fuel consumption.

Motorists who are traveling with a Michelin Alpin A3 can expect more safety and comfort on the road even when the weather is bad. It is a tyre which has proven its performance in many tests. Thanks to its special rubber compound and tread structure of the Michelin Alpin A3 allows better handling and shorter braking distances on snow and ice.

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