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Despite icy or slippery travel safely to the Michelin Alpin

The well-known by his white Reifenmaskotchen manufacturer Michelin has launched the Michelin Alpin a tyre for compact and medium range on the market, which certainly brings a through the winter. Likewise, this tyre is suitable for vans.

Convincing by up to 5% shorter braking distance

The new Michelin Alpin scores with its sophisticated technology, making the tyre in any weather provides a safe driving experience. Proactive Michelin profile leads to an improvement of the brains and the braking behavior, which is why an increased stability of the car is achieved even in the most difficult conditions. The specially developed rubber compound called Helio Compound + the grip of the tyre is shortened. This causes a reduction of the braking distance can be seen even on wet and icy roads. Due to continuous development of the Michelin tyres Michelin Alpin one of the most enduring is winter tyres on the market. By applying the knowledge of a mature rubber compound and optimum tyre design, the Michelin Alpin to increased mileage by up to 35%. Furthermore, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the car are reduced. Characterized this property is through what is called GREEN X mark. All these proven technologies result in up to 10% more grip when starting, an up to 5% shorter braking distance and longer life of the winter tyre, which can be extended up to a winter. Available the Michelin Alpin is the tyre widths 165-225 mm and a diameter 14-17 inches.

The ADAC winter tyre test chooses the Michelin Alpin winner

Convinced Already in 2010 the Michelin Alpin A4 in ADAC winter tyre test and wins by a large margin over the other tyres tested. He shows no significant weaknesses and was classified as "highly recommended". The tyre was able to convince in all safety-related disciplines and scored particularly well on wet and dry surfaces and worn. In 2012 he was in another ADAC test his reputation justice again and was once more highly rated.

The winter tyres from Michelin could be distinguished in several tyre tests and had always through his safe driving experience, the braking action and the life. He sat quite often far ahead of its competitors from what makes it ideal for a happy purchased winter tyres.

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