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Maxxis Supermaxx ST Tyre

Maxxis is a tyre brand that has seen success by leaps and bounds. Users rate its tyres with high regards because they offer high speed and maximum traction. The brand itself has been around for many years, but the company has recently extended its business in more than hundred countries across the globe.

The company has many top quality products, and one of them is the Maxxis Supermaxx ST Tyre . This tyre has been one of the favourites for the consumers because it provides strength, durability, noise reduction, wet performance and unique tread design.

Maxxis Supermaxx ST Tyre’s unique tread designs

The tyre Maxxis Supermaxx ST comes with a variety of unique tread designs. All these designs feature slant sipes along with deep and broad grooves. There is a continuous centre rib that couples with the grooves for channelled water dissipation. It means that the tyre is excellent in wet conditions and is equally effective on dry surfaces.

Quality with affordability

What more can you ask for when you are getting a good quality tyre that comes at a very affordable price. It is one of the reasons why tyre Maxxis Supermaxx ST has grown in popularity because it doesn’t compromise on quality despite being affordable.

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