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Maxxis MA S1 Marauder - stylish and powerful

By Maxxis MA S1 Marauder of popular tyre manufacturers from Asia has again a powerful summer tyre developed, which is very convincing in optical terms.

Good mileage and long-lasting comfort

Who is looking for a stylish tyre which can come up with a good performance at the same time, which will be satisfied with the Maxxis MA S1 Marauder with security. For this summer tyre from Maxxis convinces with its many good handling characteristics that provide a good and long-lasting comfort while comprehensive stability. This is particularly the elaborately designed tread pattern of the Maxxis MA S1 Marauder owe, which is provided with a directional tread design and a double steel belt construction. Thus, to benefit as drivers of well-balanced handling and a high safety. In addition, the Maxxis MA S1 Marauder by superior traction and good handling features and what increases the control of the vehicle even in wet conditions again considerably. Thanks to the attractive design you have to give up anything also in terms of aesthetics.

Maxxis - quality tyre with an excellent price-performance ratio

The tyre manufacturer Maxxis is popular not only for its low-cost models in drivers from around the world. All models of the Asian Group can also be distinguished by high performance and reliable performance, which at every track significantly increases driving pleasure again. In addition, the wide selection of Maxxis tyres , so you can quickly find a suitable tyre for his vehicle.

Maxxis MA S1 Marauder supplies even in adverse weather and road conditions from a very good performance. This is due to the many good handling characteristics and the specific profile of this summer tyre, so that a high level of comfort and a comprehensive stability be neglected at any time.

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