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Maxxis Ignitor tyres

Over the years Maxxis has introduced various types of tyres which never fail to impress professional racers. Similarly, Maxxis ignitor tyres are yet another innovation especially design for the advanced level racers. The tyres of Maxxis company shows up with all features necessary for the perfect tyres. In dry conditions, these tyres yield best results regarding firm grip. There is pentagon shaped medium tread compound along with the Nobbs. It in turns helps in tackling in trail conditions. Upon pressing it hard, this tyre has the capability roll fast and hooks up quickly.

Track the time with Ignitor Maxxis

The climbing traction of ignitor Maxxis tyres is firm and stable. Because of the reason, it shows adhesion when on steep location. On the other hand, the speed of the tyres is quite fast, and the resistance is low. In addition to it, these tyres provide you high density for smooth traction everywhere. The tyre comes with different compound choices, and these hard compound tyres last for longer. It means the Maxxis tyres will not let you suffer no matter what the situation is.

It is an ideal option for bikers who keep an eye on the weight of tyres. Due to the reason, it is lightweight in comparison with other brand’s tyres.

Maxxis Ignitor price

Undoubtedly, the Maxxis tyres proffer top-notch performance because of its high-class construction. Keeping all the features in mind the Maxxis ignitor price range is quite affordable. Plus you will not regret buying these Maxxis tyres.


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