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The Maxtrek Trek M7 is suitable for almost any type of vehicle

Versatile presents the winter tyres Maxtrek Trek M7. For the tyre series namely include not only passenger car tyres, but XL variants for vans and vans and off-road tyres with which SUVs can be equipped. Record the tyre series Maxtrek Trek M7 so many drivers are looking for, the search for high-performance winter tyres.

Winter tyres with low wear

The car tyres from the Maxtrek Trek M7 series are particularly ideal for compact cars. You not only impress with its low price and its sporty design, the one with the matching alloy wheels particularly comes into its own. The Maxtrek Trek M7 tyres also offer safe driving comfort with wintry uncomfortable weather conditions. The profile is characterized by a wide center groove and deep transverse slats. This guaranteed a good grip even on snowy roads. In addition, this profile design ensures that the winter tyre does not wear out as quickly.

Excellent price-performance ratio

Convincing is the price-performance ratio of Maxtrek Trek M7. Maxtrek tyres belong to the budget class; for the competitive price offers of winter tyres , however, an excellent durability. His treads are made of durable rubber compounds that withstand cold freezing temperatures and ice-covered roads long. Due to its low wear proves the extremely economical. Fun can also enjoy the winter tyres motorists: Admitted he is for the speed class H, which corresponds to a maximum speed of 210 km/h. Drivers of sports speedsters will also have a lot of fun with the winter tyres therefore.

Impressive performance for little money shows the Maxtrek Trek M7. In winter, motorists are with the budget tyres safely.

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