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Matador MPS 320 MAXILLA Tyres

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The Matador MPS 320 Maxilla, Transportation summer tyres from Slovenia

Summer tyres for vans, caratrucks and vans must have an increased carrying capacity. They also have to ensure safe handling in dry and even in wet conditions. With the Matador MPS 320 Maxilla smaller vehicles and vans are well equipped. The tyre Impressed by the high reliability and a comfortable ride.

Reliable quality at an affordable price

The tyre manufacturer Matador has its headquarters in Slovenia, and produces high-quality tyres at low prices. As factories it is represented, for example, the brands Skoda and Tatra. Not only cars are the Matador tyres safe on the road, Vans and small vans acquire through the reliable tyre driving safely. The Matador MPS 320 Maxilla confident in testing mainly by its great comfort on dry tracks. On wet roads it shows itself competitive. The symmetric tread design with three circumferential, jagged grooves ensures rapid water drainage.

Strong traction in wet and dry conditions

The block design of the profile can furthermore reduce noise emissions. The Matador MPS 320 Maxilla thus offers in city traffic and on the highway a comfortable and quiet ride. The large number of individual beads provides a strong traction on dry and on wet roads. On the highway, the Matador MPS 320 Maxilla may well achieve sportier speeds: Up to 170 km/h it can be driven with the registration in the speed category R. For the summer, the van Pneu is a reliable companion. Complementing Matador also has quality winter tyres in its range.

As reliable as surely the Matador MPS 320 Maxilla presents. Designed for trucks and vans lighter it shows agility and sporty driving in the city and on the highway.

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