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Marshal Radial 857: A performance summer tyre for vans

On vans tyres other claims are set as both normal car tyre. Above all, the mileage and the energy efficiency of tyres have to be right, but also a little comfort and good grip not hurt. The Marshal Radial 857 is a good example of an optimal mix.

Consistently good performance and a great price-performance ratio

The Marshal Radial 857 are summer tyre for vans that offer a long service life and a high degree of stability an excellent price-performance ratio. Especially a lot of stability is given by the reinforced casing of Marshal Radial 857 tyres. This tyre performance remains consistently good even at higher loads. Optimum traction is provided by the special rubber compound of the tyre and through the zigzag profile. The center grooves of Marshal Radial 857 tyres resulting water on the road quickly, thus minimizing the risk of aquaplaning. In addition, the tyre load is evenly distributed, so the Marshal Radial 857 also provide an excellent ride quality even after many kilometers driven.

Marshal Radial 857 - Optimal grip in all seasons

The company Marshal comes from Korea and has an international reputation, produce high quality and as favorable tyre. The assortment of Marshal includes winter, summer and all-season tyres for various types of vehicles, for example, there are vans tyres . Although Marshal in developing new tyre much emphasis on low production costs, the different tyres are always up to date. Both on the highway and in city traffic make the tyres of Marshal always looks good. Who is looking for a set of excellent and cheap tyres, should definitely look at the range of Marshal.

With the tyre series Marshal Radial 857 the Korean manufacturer has released a set of compelling summer tyre for vans. Excellent handling, high mileage and low cost characterize this series.

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