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Lassa Wintus and the special characteristics of the tyre

Durability and good grip on the streets are at the Turkish producer is always in the foreground. Even when Lassa Wintus, the car tyres for vans , trailers, etc., these features can be seen. The rubber compound was developed especially for winter conditions and provides more grip on icy and snowy roads.

The improvements to the previous model

When creating and developing to the previous model has changed a lot. So in the profile of the new winter tyre grooves ensure greater grip on wet and icy roads. Also in the field of deep snow convinced Lassa Wintus. The additional block rows in the profile keep the cold weather conditions without any problems stand and ensure a comfortable ride. Transportation is by the good traction characteristics capable vehicle to steer quiet and safe on snow-covered roads and ice.

Lassa Wintus high mileage and good grip

When Lassa Wintus is a radial tyre which is served on cold days or snowfall noticeable. The tyre manufacturer is constantly working to achieve long service lives with his tyres. This is always highlighted in tests of renowned companies, which Lassa partially better results than, for example, Bridgestone . The Lassa Wintus has achieved a very high mileage, whereby consumers will benefit a long time by the quality of this winter tyre. Furthermore, the Lassa Wintus creates a pleasant quietness which is apparent in the low noise level. This tyre is suitable for the most diverse commercial vehicles and supplies them reliably to their pre-long goal.

Lassa is now among the best tyre manufacturers in the world. Some models have been chosen as the winner. When Lassa Wintus the company of their line remains true and ensures good traction in cold conditions and a long service life. The tread depth ensures a good grip in snow, slush or ice.

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