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Kumho KW31 Izen - itself well prepared for extreme winter conditions

Kumho KW31 Izen presents itself as an efficient high-quality winter tyre, with its good performance and the many good handling characteristics with the award-winning models of Dunlop can compete without any problems.

Improved braking performance and excellent traction

In the construction of Kumho KW31 Izen special attention to a high level of security was placed even at very wintry conditions. And this is clearly noticeable: This Kumho winter tyres is provided with an elaborate and special tread design, ensure its strong shoulders for a high driving stability. Thanks to the high number of sipes also water and slush efficiently and absorbed and passed away within a short time, so that the risk of aquaplaning significantly lower. In addition, the Kumho KW31 Izen scores with its impeccable handling and improved cornering ability, which remain high even on icy and snow-covered roads. Furthermore, this winter tyre falls from the house Kumho with its improved braking performance and excellent traction highly positively.

Kumho - a tyre manufacturer with high standards

That the Asian tyre manufacturer Kumho a great emphasis on high product quality, is plain to see: All the models can come up with several good handling characteristics, so they deliver at any time a good performance. In addition, scores Kumho with its wide range of different models, which is suitable for almost every type of vehicle and all wishes and needs of its clients is to a large extent.

The Kumho KW31 Izen you find a reliable companion who knows how to withstand even extreme winter conditions. Among other things, one can benefit as drivers of a fast and efficient water drainage and a proper handling and performance optimized cornering. Add to this the excellent traction, which also contributes to an unadulterated driving pleasure with.

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