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Cormorant VANPRO B3: high demand, low price

Who does not want to give up the first class quality of premium brand tyres Michelin and its tyres has prefer something cheaper, is in good hands with the second brand Kormoran. With the series VANPRO B3 cormorant presents excellent Transporter tyres for little money.

Cormorant - the second brand of Michelin

Directly from the house Michelin is the tyre brand Kormoran and convinced for three decades by high quality and advanced technology. The second brand the successful company is well stocked, especially in the field of truck and van tyres. Since in this sector in recent years, the question of Kormoran tyres rise constant, the tyres of the brand are now even improves regardless of Michelin and optimized. In addition to new and innovative tyre model, older models of Michelin be reissued at Kormoran. At the same time the tyres are much more favorable than under the big names Michelin. Truck and vans tyres Kormoran are always a good choice and totally convincing.

Cormorant VANPRO B3 - A special tyre with a classic profile

With the tyre series Vapro B3 cormorant brings a number of summer tyres for vans on the market. The Cormorant VANPRO B3 tyres are characterized by a classic appearance and good handling characteristics on dry and wet ground. The profile of the tyres is simple but efficient: longitudinal tread grooves drain water and thus provide grip on wet roads. By lateral lamella, the braking characteristics are improved at the same time stabilize the slats are also the tyres. A view of the EU tyre label series Kormoran VANPRO B3 shows that the tyres cut, especially in the wet grip with very good results.

The Cormorant VANPRO B3 are good truck tyres for the summer, which also provide in wet conditions for a safe journey. Convince the tyre, in addition to the wet grip, but also by its low price.

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