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Cormorant VANPRO B2: Cheap quality for vans

Kormoran tyres are manufactured in Poland. Today, the brand on the Michelin Group is one and the technologies of the French tyre manufacturer can take advantage. The package includes high quality car tyres at low prices and durable tyres for trucks and vans. This includes the cormorant VANPRO B2, the stands already visually by its dynamic profile design eye.

Balanced dry and wet

The cormorant VANPRO B2 is a summer tyre for vans and vans. This means it must prove itself in many different weather conditions. For a good driving performance in sunshine and low wear the treads of innovative silica components are manufactured. The cormorant VANPRO B2 obtained by a high stability and even at high temperatures barely deformations. For a balanced wet handling three circumferential longitudinal grooves are primarily responsible. These provide a reliable water drainage from wet roads safely. Crossbars derive the wetness from quickly and the tyre maintains a strong traction on the road.

High comfort even on long-haul

The directional tread design of the Kormoran VANPRO B2 makes on suitable rims 14-16 inches optically a very dynamic impression. Even the ride comfort like, because by its tread design gets the cormorant VANPRO B2 a high contact surface. The improved road contact leading to a pleasant smoothness. Transportation is the summer tyre relatively quickly move: Approved the tyres in the speed category R, ​​delivering up to 170 km/h can be driven quickly.

Kormoran offers the Cormorant VANPRO B2 reliable summer tyres, which is located behind the competition by parent company Michelin does not have to hide.

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