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The cormorant Impulser B2, summer tyres produced in Poland

Kormoran tyres come from Europe. They are manufactured in Poland. Summer tyres as the cormorant Impulser B2 therefore fulfill all the European standards, which are placed on high-quality tyres. The tyre for compact and midsize car shows reliable handling on dry roads, but also on wet surfaces.

Low wear for long service

Summer tyres must be simultaneously suitable for high temperatures and heavy rainfall. The cormorant Impulser B2 meets these requirements: The tyre producer Kormoran uses tread compounds with a high proportion of silica. These help prevent premature deformation of the tyre. The tyres wear out evenly, thus show many months consistently good mileage. The circumferential longitudinal ribs and wavy fins are responsible for the excellent handling on wet: you divert water from the road surface and prevent aquaplaning ago.

traveling comfortably and safely

Kormoran tyres are now as a subsidiary to Michelin . For a comparison with the high-quality tyres of the parent company have summer tyres as the cormorant Impulser B2 not shy: High comfort and safety they provide reliable also. The cormorant Impulser B2 is produced in various dimensions for compact and medium range and fits on rims 13-15 inches. With an approval for the speed class T, which corresponds to a permissible top speed of 190 km/h, and the cormorant Impulser B2 is especially ideal for city driving.

Motorists who paired want security with reliability, can access while Kormoran Impulser B2. The summer tyres produced in Poland shows a balanced and competitive on wet and dry roads.

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