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Kleber Quadraxer - prepared for any weather perfect

With the all-season tyres Kleber Quadraxer you are always safe on the road. In rain, snow and ice as well as hot temperatures this is car all season tyres fully prepared and therefore a guarantee for a comfortable and enjoyable drive.

High grip and good water drainage

Rain, snow and ice can only little harm this car tyres. This is ensured by the directional tread, V-shaped tread pattern which makes its wide lateral grooves for good water absorption and drainage. Thus, the adhesive Quadraxer optimum protection against aquaplaning, so you even in heavy rain and high humidity is safe on the road. In snow and icy conditions the glue Quadraxer also demonstrates a high grip: This is ensured by the high number of sipes, located in the center of the tread. This is supported by the open tread design. On dry pavement again prove all season tyres Kleber precise handling thanks to its massive shoulders including stable and compact tread blocks. Also contributes to the circumferential tread band in the center of the tread in with. The versatile rubber compound that consists of a specially developed silica compound, ensures maximum flexibility in the winter as well as for a comprehensive stability in the summer.

Kleber - French tyre specialist

Founded back in 1911, the name of adhesive is on all continents of the world highly reliable and high-quality tyres that can also score with their harmonious price-performance ratio. All the high-performance tyre from Kleber also have a very long life. This is ensured by the advanced technology, with all car Kleber are equipped. The company from Paris relies on continuous research and development in order to ensure the high quality of its products can continue.

The adhesive Quadraxer is a guarantee of a perfect driving pleasure all year round. This is ensured, among other things, the quality rubber compound and the sophisticated tread design that even in extreme weather conditions high grip and a comprehensive driving stability ensured.

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