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Hankook DH05

Hankook DH05 is a tyre that is mid-distance and for rear wheel. Designed for matching all road conditions of wet, dry, and snow, slush, and ice, this exceptional tyre is popular for its successful handling.
Hankook DH05 tyre has strong traction because of deep grooves and dynamic cross-section tread and an even wear with a block pattern. Thus it offers you excellent drive with accurate braking on wet and snow.

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Hankook DH 05: all-season tyres for trucks

A truck must be driven normally even in bad weather. Therefore, the right tyres is important. All-season tyres such as Hankook DH 05 offer in snow, rain and sunshine optimum grip and perfect handling. In addition, the premium tyres from Hankook inspire even by a great price-performance ratio.

Hankook tyres in over 170 countries

Hankook is a Korean company, which develops and manufactures tyres since 1941. First mainly car tyres were sold in the Asian region, but already in the 1960s expanded Hankook its sales to the rest of the world. Meanwhile Hankook tyres are available in more than 170 countries and the manufacturer has expanded its range: In addition to passenger car tyres there are also motorcycle and truck tyres . Currently, the company sells annually whopping 50 million tyres in Europe, Asia and America. Customers Hankook opt for the tyres, especially because of the high quality and the good price-performance ratio.

Good grip and perfect handling

For trucks there Hankook among others, the tyre DH Series 05. The all-season tyres for trucks are designed specifically for medium-range and offer impressive driving performance in various weather conditions. The block pattern of the tyre and the rubber compounds provide both in snow and wet conditions optimal traction. In addition, the tyre is loaded uniformly, which ensures a constant mileage. The EU tyre label of Hankook tyres DH 05 shows especially in the wet adhesion to above-average values. The external rolling noise, at around 75 decibels in midfield. In addition, Hankook DH 05 have the M + S marking.

The Hankook DH 05 ensure optimal handling in all weather conditions. Particularly in the area of ​​wet adhesion convince the tyres with above-average performance. Those looking for good weather tyres for his truck, should not waive the Hankook DH 05th

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