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The Goodyear Ultra Grip WTS ensures safe driving in winter

The Goodyear Ultra Grip WTS was designed as steering axle tyres for trucks. As winter tyres, the tyre for exceptional performance on snow and on wet roads ensures. Moreover, which is premium tyre wear and injury resistant.

The Goodyear Ultra Grip WTS is technologically optimized for winter operation

With the 3D-BIS technology, the tread blocks interlock under load and provide a particularly rigid tyre footprint, which improves traction and braking performance on winter roads. The construction of the carcass and the tread of the Goodyear Ultra Grip WTS allow good handling, steering stability and improve lateral stability. With a special, set in wintry temperatures tread compound reaches the manufacturer Goodyear winter tyres simultaneously high mileage. If necessary, the tyre may be fitted with spikes, in order to optimize the winter properties.

The profile does not only support the driving safety in wet and snowy

The wide, deep tread pattern of the tyres Goodyear Ultra Grip WTS ensures high mileage. The tread blocks of the tyre are arranged more densely. This is not only the wear of the tyres particularly evenly, but also improved its performance to be on snow and ice. For high traction also staggered, Z-shaped profile steel segments. Thus, not only the grip, but also the braking performance of the tyre in snow and wet is improved. The radial blades of the half-open shoulder support the self-cleaning and provide extra traction even in wet conditions and snow.

The Goodyear Ultra Grip WTS is a truck tyre for use on the steering axle, which provides as winter tyres for high traction and braking performance in the wet and on snow. As Goodyear tyre Premium he is injury-resistant, wear-resistant and therefore particularly economical.

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