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Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tyres

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Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tyres

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tyres are constructed particularly to withstand snow and ice situations. The tyres are suitable for cars. The tread designs on these tyres are made with larger gaps as compared to summer tyres. This feature in return assists in elevating traction on the snowy and icy road. Besides having open and wide treads, such tyres also come with additional features to decrease resistance in deeper snow, and to enhance friction on wet surfaces. Goodyear winter ultra grip tyres ensure secure traction along with a strong hold on slippery road conditions.

All round performance with Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tyres

Goodyear winter tyres ultra grip comes with following characteristics:

  • Wonderful stopping power that stops almost 1.8-meter shorter on the snowy road as compared to other tyres.
  • Directional tread pattern that increases winter traction.
  • Multiple biting edges that assist in offering greater grips on those roads having ice and snow fully covered.
  • Wide tread grooves that aid in pushing mud and snow away from your car. In this way, the traction increases.
  • Muscular shoulder block that gives smooth treadwear.
  • Additionally, optional metal studs can also be enjoyed on these tyres.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter price and other specs

These tyres are high-quality tyres that give confidence to drivers to drive safely on snow, mud, and other extreme situations. These tyres come in the different size dimensions. You can get tyres with the width of 185, the height of 60, and diameter of 14 or 15 depending on your choice. The load index available on these tyres are also multiple. It is available with the load index of 82 or 84. Goodyear ultra grip winter tyres come with the varying speed index ranges from 65 km/h to 240 km/h, and onwards.

Just like other specifications, the price range of Goodyear ultra grip winter tyres varies greatly. It depends on which size you choose. However, the price also differs slightly with the time.

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