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The Goodyear Marathon LHS 2 is completely designed with economy and good driveability

By Goodyear LHS 2 a is premium tyres for trucks appeared on the market. Designed specifically for the drive axle and long-distance driving, the tyre shows a particularly fuel-optimized and robust. In the development of the Goodyear Marathon LHS 2 some innovations have been integrated, which reduce fuel consumption and durability improve as mileages.

Durability and fuel efficiency

With its smooth running characteristics of the Goodyear Marathon LHS 2 achieves uniform wear, thereby increasing his retreadability and its mileage. The fuel consumption and noise emissions fall by the low rolling resistance. With high mileage and savings in fuel costs of Goodyear Marathon LHS 2 convinces not only by its particular economy, you can also expect good handling characteristics. These are also reflected in the wet - with good handling and traction characteristics, improved braking performance and high stability in curves.

Safe handling and traction in wet and dry conditions

With an optimized tyre geometry, innovative design of the profile and a high proportion of silica in the tread compound, the manufacturer Goodyear laid the foundations for improved traction performance of the Goodyear Marathon LHS. 2 To further improve the traction of the truck tyre is equipped with so-called flexomatischen blades which further increase the traction. A particularly wide tread in combination with the Silefex -Laufflächenmischung make Pneu very stiff and additionally reduce the abrasion.

This steering axle tyres for trucks , the economy is by wear resistance and fuel efficiency in mind. But through a lot of traction and comfort can also convince with its good handling characteristics of the Goodyear Marathon LHS. 2

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