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Gislaved Urban Speed ​​- a convincing all-rounder

The Gislaved Urban Speed ​​presents itself as a very balanced summer tyre , which is a completely convincing all-round tyre with its many good handling characteristics.

Precise steering and high driving stability

The Gislaved Urban Speed ​​is particularly suitable for vehicles from the small and the compact class and convinces with its outstanding all-round performance. This balanced Gislaved summer tyres not only scores with his precise steering and handling, but also a very pleasant comfort. All this is guaranteed by the symmetrically shaped tread of Gislaved Urban Speed, containing two central ribs including contiguous tread blocks. Thus, you can enjoy a reliable handling and high driving stability. The three circumferential grooves Vertical turn drain water effectively and rapidly and reduce in this way the risk of aquaplaning significantly. In addition, the low rolling resistance, which has high mileage and low tread wear result. Thus, the Gislaved Urban Speed ​​scores and economically.

Gislaved - Scandinavian know-how

The Swedish brand Gislaved convinced long with its high quality models who know how to calmly face even adverse weather and road conditions. This is ensured by the high quality and innovative technologies so that Gislaved tyres can shine in many ways. In addition to good overall performance and the wide range of different models is worth mentioning that includes long summer and winter tyres and all-season models. Thus, even the most demanding customers will surely find a suitable tyre which meets their needs and desires to a large extent.

The Gislaved Urban Speed ​​is recommended not only because of its low cost and high efficiency. Furthermore, scores of these tyres of the Scandinavian manufacturer with its high mileage, which is expressed, among other things in a precise steering response and a reliable handling. In addition, a rapid water drainage thanks to the deliberate and intricately designed tread even in very bad weather and heavy rainfall is ensured.

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