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Fulda Ecostar - a high performance tyre for trucks

As the name suggests, the Fulda Ecostar proves to be a more environmentally friendly and economical truck tyres , which can be used perfectly in both regional and long-distance transport.

High mileage and excellent traction

The Fulda Ecostar the known tyre manufacturer from Hesse has again designed a powerful companion, who delivers even on longer journeys a good performance. This is an excellent section design this truck tyre of Fulda owe so that you can benefit from excellent traction even on wet ground next to a very high mileage. The rugged design of Fulda Ecostar also demonstrates a very high load capacity, so that even higher loads pose no problem. There is also the very uniform flow image which again extends the life of this model considerably and makes the tyre very economical. Equally noteworthy is the good braking behavior of Fulda Ecostar what remains unchanged even during heavy rainfall. Thus, you have to make any compromises in terms of stability and security.

Fulda - quality tyres, know that convince

Developed in Hesse Fulda and manufactures the well-known tyre manufacturer Fulda high quality tyres that can convince in all respects. This is thanks to, so that all the innovative materials and advanced manufacturing technology Fulda tyres deliver even in difficult situations a very good performance and high mileage. Thanks to the wide range of different models, it is also not difficult to find a suitable tyre conforming to the requirements and desires to a large extent.

The Fulda Ecostar proves to be a powerful and reliable truck tyres, which leaves little to be desired. So convinced of this model from Fulda with its high environmental compatibility and economy and scores with its balanced handling, which at all times ensures high stability and security.

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