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Fulda ecoforce 2 - high mileage and wide range of applications

The Fulda ecoforce 2 of known tyre manufacturer presents a powerful truck tyres , which also impresses with its low price and its wide range of applications.

Improved mileage and low fuel consumption

The Fulda ecoforce 2 was specifically designed for cost-conscious fleet operators, who place a great value on a high mileage and on a wide range of applications. This is made ​​possible by the new tread contour of the tyre of Fulda , the robust carcass construction allows for easy regrooving or retreading. In addition, you can benefit with the Fulda ecoforce 2 of a very good handling and a high traction even on wet surfaces. In addition, the Fulda ecoforce 2 impresses with its high mileage potential, so it is ideal for long-distance traffic. At the same time, this model is distinguished from the house of Fulda by a significantly reduced rolling resistance, so that you can benefit from reduced fuel consumption and hence a high efficiency without compromise.

Fulda - a tyre manufacturer who can convince

In this country, the high quality and good mileage will Fulda tyres have always been appreciated. Also in many other countries in the world, the motorists show continually impressed by the good performance of the models that enable anytime a comprehensive safety and high comfort. Moreover, the company derived from the Hesse Fulda can also score with its wide range of different models, so little to be desired.

High mileage at a reasonable price - the Fulda ecoforce 2 makes this possible. Even demanding customers will be impressed by this truck tyres with security, delivers a reliable and very good performance at all times. In addition to a robust design features of these tyres with its high mileage and the low rolling resistance, so you need to make any thoughts in terms of economy.

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