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Firestone Winterhawk 2 Tyres

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Firestone winterhawk 2

Firestone tyre have been upgraded its winter tyre technologies. Firestone have used set of new the standards in the standard segment. Which is giving the best performance on the dry, wet and Snow. This up-gradation was to improve the snow properties.

The European Tyre Labelling Regulation EU / 1222/2009 applies, named EU tyre label. This Regulation shall apply to all the newly manufactured tyres from KW27 / 2012 Design.

EU tyre label provides the information within EU member states. Information includes van and heavy truck tyres, wet grip, fuel efficiency, external rolling noise and it’s binding of all the passenger cars. This labeling is because of the safety, environmental protection and the efficiency of road transport by promoting the fuel efficient, safe and quiet tyres.

In addition to the EU tyre label, Customers also involve in the relevant tyre testing. That is an important factor for buying. Customers always compare the quality and performance with the other products. EU labeling is providing the important key features rating. Thus, winter tyre drive ability on roads is not rated as drive ability on snow roads. As a whole, it's giving the best ratings among others.


Firestone Winterhawk 2 tyre's ratings are as follows:

Fuel efficiency:

Fuel efficiency is classified in seven classes, classifying the highest efficiency and the least efficiency. These classes are based on the improvement from one class to the next class about saving 0.1 liters of fuel per 100km. Thus giving the best performance over fuel rating.

Wet grip:

Wet grip is classified in classes based on very short braking distance and longest stopping distance.

This braking distance have a difference from class to class, better in the wet at an initial speed of 80km/h is about 1-2 car lengths.

External rolling noise:

Noise emission of tyre affects the overall volume of vehicle and affects one's own driving comfort as well as noise pollution of the environment. In EU tyre labeling, external rolling noise is divided into 3 categories. These categories are measured in decibels. And are compared to European noise emission limits for external tyre rolling noise.

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