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Firestone Winterhawk

Firestone Winterhawk tyres are the product of Bridgestone tyres. Bridgestone Europe is a Tokyo based corporation and one of the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufactures manufacturing since 1931. Firestone Winterhawk is a winter tyre. These tyres perform well in snow and sluggish surfaces by providing maximum wet traction. Winterhawks provides greater grip on snow and ice due to its greater groove volume, which also offers a high level balanced performance. The tread pattern on these tyres allows water evacuation hence provides tyre with a remarkable traction on wet roads. The greater number of block pattern in Firestone Winterhawk 3 provides additional stability to the tyre and has improved traction rate as compared to the previous product of Firestone Winterhawks 2 Evo. Firestone Winterhawk has a greater stability and ground distributed pressure, which allows the driver to have a comfortable drive. Winterhawk 3 have special compounds in tyres, including silica and NanoPro technology, which helps the tyre in extremely cold temperature not to lose grip and maintaining its flexibility. The chemical property and flexibility of these tyres is not reduced in freezing temperature due to special mixture of compounds used in manufacturing.

Firestone has extended tyre life and mileage by using special technologies. These tyres have a lesser wear rate and are durable and long lasting. These tyres have an average rolling friction (resistance between the tyre and road which doesn’t allow smooth movement) in order to provide maximum adhesion on roads in harsh weather conditions and is worth buying for! These tyres are also economical to be used because they have greater fuel efficacy than other products of Winterhawk. Firestone. These tyres provide excellent braking around the corners and have good handling.

Firestone Winterhawk brand is available in a variety of products and this catalogue is increasing by time to maintain high level performance with exceptional quality. These tyres are also eco-friendly as they have less rolling friction due to its specific tread design which do not produce greater level of carbon dioxide to pollute our natural atmosphere. These tyres also have lesser noise pollution and do not screech and shriek while cornering and at roundabouts.

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