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Event Tyres is a fairly recent name in the Tyre Market. It was founded just a decade ago in 2005. Even though the company is new, it enjoys a healthy reputation that is growing with each passing day. They provide an excellent range of tyres at reasonable prices.

Event Tyres – Tyre Range

Event Tyres promises to deliver best safety and performance cost effectively. Their tyres range from MJ683 tyres that offers stability in all weather conditions to GL697 tyres that ensures the reduced risk of hydroplaning and provides excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions. GL697 tyres also has the unique quality of low sound emission ensuring the comfort and safety of the driver making it the best choice for every peace and quiet lover.  The tyre that is flexible in all weather conditions is ML698 tyres that has the unique tread design to remove both mud and water making it the best tyre to drive in snow and wet and dry conditions. The van tyre ML609 tyres is structured to ensure maximum traction and heightened protection in wet conditions and light snow. The optimised compound and the unique tread pattern with transversal grooves and siping are coupled in this tyre to deliver the best possible grip.

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