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About Event Tyres

Event Tyres was first founded in 2005. Event tyres are an affordable budget quality tyre. These tyres are made of a mix of raw materials, which are balanced and produced in an advanced technological process. These are great tyres for second hand vehicles. They are good to use for short commuting vehicles. Event Tyres are planning to extend their product line to meet the needs of the evolutionary tyre market. Event tyres have been involved in quality and road handling testing. Event tyres have been tested against Pirelli tyres to see if the lower budget tyres measure up to the same quality as premium tyres. Four budget tyres were tested against the Pirelli’s and Event came on top of all the budget tyres that were tested in that study. 

Quality is Reflected in the Event Tyres Price

Event tyres are a lower budget tyre. However they are reliable and popular in budget passenger cars and budget light truck tyres. The best event tyres are currently available in all season, summer, van, and SUV patterns. When looking for a budget quality tyre look at the cheap event tyres. Always shop around when you are looking for the best price on event tyres. 

When Should You Buy Event Tyres?

The best time to buy event tyres at the best event tyres price is the end of the season. If you notice your current tyres have minimal tread life left, try holding off until April for summer or all-season tyres and October for winter tyres.Also when you have your vehicle serviced the mechanic will note the tread life you have left on your tyres. They may at this time recommend you purchase new tyres. Using a website like ours and comparison shop to buy event tyres online will save you time and money. We are able to do your comparison shopping for you. This will save you a lot of time and of course money. The luxury of online shopping for great event tyres offers with the use of your computer or electronic device is extremely convenient. 

Buying Tyres When You Are on a Budget

Many people cannot afford the high end brand name tyres.This falls true for many young drivers just starting out with their first vehicle. For safety reasons the tyres are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. For this reason they seek a more budget quality tyre. When shopping on our website we can help with this. Not only can we show you the best price event tyres, we also provide testing results for these budget quality tyres.

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Event Tyres is a fairly recent name in the Tyre Market. It was founded just a decade ago in 2005. Even though the company is new, it enjoys a healthy reputation that is growing with each passing day. They provide an excellent range of tyres at reasonable prices.

Event Tyres – Tyre Range

Event Tyres promises to deliver best safety and performance cost effectively. Their tyres range from MJ683 tyres that offers stability in all weather conditions to GL697 tyres that ensures the reduced risk of hydroplaning and provides excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions. GL697 tyres also has the unique quality of low sound emission ensuring the comfort and safety of the driver making it the best choice for every peace and quiet lover. The tyre that is flexible in all weather conditions is ML698 tyres that has the unique tread design to remove both mud and water making it the best tyre to drive in snow and wet and dry conditions. The van tyre ML609 tyres is structured to ensure maximum traction and heightened protection in wet conditions and light snow. The optimised compound and the unique tread pattern with transversal grooves and siping are coupled in this tyre to deliver the best possible grip.

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