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Excellent performance in sunshine and rain: The Dunlop SP Sport 300

The number of summer tyres in the market is large. Motorists face the difficult choice of what brand they should choose. Many rely on familiar brands and select about a Dunlop tyres . This is not a bad decision, can summer tyres as the Dunlop SP Sport 300 but impress with reliable performance.

The Dunlop SP Sport 300 suits city runabouts and luxury cars

The Dunlop SP Sport 300 is specially designed for cars with tyres 14-16 inches, making it ideal for compact cars and city cars. However, it can also be a luxury sports sedan with the summer tyres equip. The design is sporty, an optical impression with matching alloy wheels can be emphasized. The sleek asymmetric tread pattern has, however, also on the road very tangible benefits: impress Thus, the Dunlop SP Sport 300 a larger contact area on, is safe and stable on the road and can also by a high cornering stability.

Excellent aquaplaning and low wear

The treads of the Dunlop SP Sport 300 are designed so that they to a high temperature without any problem withstanding, ensure the other for a very quieter roll. Since the treads do not deform even on hot summer days, the Dunlop SP Sport 300 uses from very little and uniformly. Motorists are with this summer tyres therefore for several years safely. Strengths, the Dunlop SP Sport 300 put on wet surfaces to the test and here shines through excellent aquaplaning characteristics.

The Dunlop SP Sport 300 is a summer tyre , can not go wrong with the driver. A good performance and high security features of car tyres in all summer weather conditions.

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