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Dunlop SP LT 60

Dunlop SP LT 60 are talented winter tyres developed to deliver reliable performance in all conditions of snow, ice, wet, and slush. Their grip on snow and ice is amazing and braking on critical roads is fantastic.
Dunlop SP LT 60 winter tyres will offer you higher mileage and they deliver you silent ride on the way. They consume less fuel and offer more traction in rain.

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A reliable winter tyre for SUV Dunlop SP LT60

Dunlop is one of the most trusted brands for reliable tyre. The company Dunlop tyres GmbH has its headquarters in Germany and follows the tradition in Scotland had its origins. The Dunlop SP LT60 is a winter tyre for SUV and vans designed and is presented in more detail below.

The properties of the Dunlop SP LT60

The fact that the Dunlop SP LT60 specifically for vans and SUV was developed immediately announces an excellent traction on wet roads, mud and snow. The specially arranged profile provides good water repellency on the road and thus a significantly reduced risk of aquaplaning. Even when changing lanes on mud and snow, the vehicle with the Dunlop SP LT60 is easy to control. Both buyers Test Reported in journals praise the good traction and driving comfort due to low rolling noise.

The technical specifications of Dunlop SP LT60

The Dunlop SP LT60 in the size 215/75 R16 up to 170 km/h released by speed index R for speeds. The Load Index is 113. To make every single tyre for a maximum load of 1,150 kg designed. The Dunlop SP LT60 is available in many different sizes, so it is nearly all on the market SUVs and vans available. The price-performance ratio of this tyre can be described as very good, considering the quality of the material as well as the relatively high mileage this winter tyre from Dunlop .

The demands on a reliable winter tyre for vans and SUVs, the Dunlop SP LT60 in every respect. The quality is good to very good, driver and test reports emphasize the excellent traction on wet and snow. Given these positive values, the price-performance ratio are described as very good. Predicate: Recommended!

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