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With the Dunlop SP 362 winter safely.

When driving trucks and buses in winter, the driver relies on good handling characteristics. Not only a good traction on the drive axle, and a safe brake power transmission with ice, snow or wet conditions ensure a safe winter driving. With the Dunlop SP 362 offers Dunlop , the traditional German tyre manufacturer, a winter tyre specifically for the steering axle of trucks and buses on.

Outstanding properties in winter traffic

With the Dunlop SP 362 equipped trucks and buses bring the driver a more -and- on driving especially Security. The fins arranged in Z-shape and the special rubber compound ensure optimum cornering and braking force transmission when it matters. Is the Dunlop SP 362 with trucks suitable only for the steering axle, so he can come in buses on all axes as winter tyres. His qualities could ask for hardness tests in the Finnish winter proof tyre. His rival made ​​by Goodyear , the Goodyear Ultra Grip WTS, it ran as comparative model. Significant differences could not make the test driver here. Both tyres move high at the highest level.

A worthwhile investment

The Dunlop SP 362 is a tyre of a long life. High tread blocks, arranged asymmetrically to each other, provide a uniform tyre wear and thus high mileage. Stone ejection knobs also help prevent damage and loss of grip on the tyre. The fact that a winter tyre can hold its next Sicherheitsfeautures also comfort qualities, proving the Dunlop SP 362 with its low noise. Even after many winter inserts the tyre can be made suitable again by way of a Round New Gung.

That truck winter tyres in wintry weather conditions for ensuring a safe transport are existentially, is known. Alongside the statutory winter tyres on the drive axle of the Dunlop SP 362 can provide on the steering axle for additional security.

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