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The Dunlop SP 344: safety and comfort for the long haul

Many motorists rely on brand tyres Dunlop . Primarily, however, the company is one of the leading producers of truck tyres. Years of design experience and numerous innovations have been incorporated into the Dunlop SP 344, a truck tyre which proved itself on the long haul by an extremely long shelf life.

20 percent longer mileage

The Dunlop SP 344 is designed for the steering axle. Its greatest feature is the durable, rugged treads with its long mileage. the innovative silica compounds are ideal for international transport traffic. Compared to the previous models, the mileage of Dunlop SP to have been 344 increased by 20 percent. Robust and the carcasses are designed what 344 again improves mileage of Dunlop SP. The profile design ensures safe handling and roadholding. Large trucks will remain safe with the Dunlop SP 344 in the track, in dry conditions and in rain. This 344 met the Dunlop SP all the requirements for a quality truck tyres .

Truck tyres with excellent ride comfort

The profile design provides not only high security, but also reduces the rolling noise significantly. The Dunlop SP 344 is therefore also a comfortable tyre. Four circumferential grooves optimize the performance in the wet and prevent aquaplaning ago. Can be mounted to the Dunlop SP 344 truck steel rims of 17.5 and 19.5 inches. The Speed ​​Class K limited the maximum speed to 110 km/h.

For the international transport market and also for regional transport of Dunlop SP 344 is a durable and reliable tyres. Novel technologies for treads and carcasses improve its mileage, the profile gives the tyre a safe grip in sunshine and rain.

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