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Dunlop Grandtrek SJ 6: All-terrain tyres for high demands

With the Dunlop Grandtrek SJ 6 presents Dunlop an all-rounder among off-road tyres, which is also suitable for winter use. The all-terrain tyres have a deep tread design and sturdy treads that are vital, especially off the beaten tracks. For all drivers who want to enjoy all year round driving pleasure in terrain, the durable tyre is an excellent choice.

Convincing handling on any terrain

All-terrain tyres have to meet many requirements: Driver of SUV expect from them a pleasant on-road handling and safe performance in the field. With its sophisticated tread design and special tread compounds of Dunlop Grandtrek SJ 6 can fulfill both requirements. The profile is directional. Dynamically the individual beads are disposed in a slight V shape. This design ensures the Dunlop Grandtrek SJ 6 an excellent grip on asphalt, but is just as useful on sand and gravel roads. The zig-zag grooves ensure a reliable water drainage and good braking performance on wet roads.

The treads are reinforced with glass fibers

are not to be sneezed at is the winter performance of the Dunlop Grandtrek SJ 6. The profile breaks on snow and ice and gives the tyre still a firm grip. The all-terrain tyre is thus for the site an alternative to pure winter tyres represent. The treads consist not only of innovative silica compounds, but also contain a proportion of glass fibers. These give the tyre an even higher stability, which defies all weather conditions and terrains.

In summer and winter, on the road and off the Dunlop Grandtrek SJ 6 impresses with its performance. This high-performance drives and large SUVs without problems and presents itself as catchy Pneu for all terrain conditions.

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Dunlop Grand SJ6

Dunlop passenger tyres are among the safest on the market. Similarly positioned are the SUV tyres of the famous brand. The Dunlop Grand SJ6 is an outstanding winter tyre for SUVs with drive on one or both axes. Its characteristics ensure good driveability during the winter season on the road and off.

An off-road tyres for mixed use site-road

The American tyre manufacturer Dunlop is a long time for the production of high quality off-road tyres known. For the quality of these tyres talks including the fact that many manufacturers of off-road vehicles during initial installation just put on tyres as the Dunlop Grand SJ6. Many SUVs move nowadays mostly on the road. For this reason, the driver must be able to rely on a tyre that guarantees maximum performance in the field and on the asphalt. The Dunlop Grand SJ6 guarantees more safety, a raised ride comfort and excellent grip on gravel or asphalt covered with snow and ice.

Impressive traction on winter roads

The Dunlop Grand SJ6 unlike offroad summer tyres Dunlop absolutely reliable in snow and ice. It was developed especially for winter road conditions, so its performance is particularly high during the winter season. An outstanding traction thanks to the unique silica tread compound possible. In this way also the stopping power is increased on wet and snow-covered tracks. Innovative are the microscopic spikes in the profile of the Dunlop Grand SJ6. They provide better grip on ice. The directional tread pattern has six wide grooves, which results in a significant increase in the hydroplaning resistance.

Off-road enthusiasts can exploit the Dunlop Grand SJ6 the maximum power of the SUV on the road and offroad. This tyre is ideal for the winter season, as innovative technologies ensure maximum grip on snow and ice. An excellent performance on wintry roads and off-road promise among other off-road tyres from Goodyear .

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