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Dunlop Cruisemax: Classic whitewall tyres for Victory machines

The Dunlop Cruisemax is a whitewall tyres, which has been developed exclusively for the brand motorcycles Victory. Making the heavy machinery in the style of classic American bikes with tyres visually a very attractive impression. The white side walls of the Dunlop Cruisemax are based on the typical look of the Harley cruisers and choppers.

For cruisers and choppers

With the Dunlop Cruisemax the tyre manufacturer says Dunlop to the lovers of classical machines. The tyre proved particularly on long trips and enjoys a quiet run. As Cruiser tyres, especially the longevity is a strength of the Dunlop Cruisemax. The treads are made of durable silica compounds which exhibit only a slight abrasion. The profile of the bias tyre boasts classic looks and equally by the high value. Numerous grooves evacuate water on wet surfaces, so that the Victory must not be left in the garage even in the rain.

Proven on the long haul

The Dunlop Cruisemax is designed especially for the cozy exit. Nevertheless, it can also be driven with a sporty pace: Approved the motorcycle tyres in the speed category H, allows making it a top speed of 210 km/h. The treads may prove to be not only durable, but thanks to the high proportion of silica as very stable. Even high temperatures, they do nothing to deform. The Dunlop Cruisemax goes so over a long time evenly and safely.

For lovers of classical machinery of Dunlop Cruisemax is the right summer tyres . His white sidewalls perfect match for heavy cruisers. The profile design fits the classic look of the Victory machines. The pleasant ride comfort also stands.

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