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Continental WinterContact TS 850 Tyres

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Continental Wintercontact TS 850 Tyres

Continental WinterContact TS 850 tyres deliver ultra-high performance in wet and snowy conditions and winter seasons. These tyres are developed for the drivers of performance sedans as well as lightweight trucks or SUVs.

Continental WinterContact TS 850 continental tyres are designed to meet your year-round requirements with its superior traction. Quality is synonymous with Continental tyres, and WinterContact TS 850 is no different.

The Contiental tyers ts 850 WinterContact offers excellent value for money because they keep a balance between your budget and high performance. These tyres are packed with features as the company understands the customers and their requirements.

Continental WinterContact TS850 comes in wide range of designs and sizes to address your vehicle needs and requirements. These tyres are one of the best in boosting the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

The Contiental tyers ts 850 WinterContact versatility

Continental WinterContact TS850 tyres are equipped with high-grip, a silica-based tread all-season compound that is molded within the asymmetrical tread of this Tyre with stable shoulder blocks. The tyres also come with a notched intermediate rib on the external side to boost its cornering stability with responsiveness.

The center of the tread in the tyre comes with independent blocks. These blocks are apart from each other due to high-angled crisscross grooves. The grooves offer enhanced biting edges that are critical when delivering high performance in wet or icy conditions.

The independent inboard shoulder blocks even help in dispersing water and slush from the surface of the tyre and improve its traction in foul weather conditions. Continental WinterContact TS 850 price is another added advantage that these tyres have over the competitors.

These tyres are also equipped with an intermediate notched rib on the outer side to provide support in cornering and increase the tyres responsiveness and balance. The independent blocks of at the center of the Tyre are aside because of the high crisscross grooves which provide the tyres with better biting edges.

Buying the right set of Continental Tyres WinterContact TS 850

Always ensure that you check your Tyre pressure frequently and keep its rotation and alignment corrects as well. Consistent maintenance will extend the lifespan of your Tyre and will give you a comfortable road experience as well. If you are looking to extend the lifespan of your Continental Tyres WinterContact TS 850, then bear in mind that prevents your car from being overloaded and don't drive at high speeds.

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